14k Solid Gold Dainty Chain Necklace
14k Solid Gold Dainty Chain Necklace
14k Solid Gold Dainty Chain Necklace
14k Solid Gold Dainty Chain Necklace

14k Solid Gold Dainty Chain Necklace

Designed for everyday wear. Indulge in what you love with this modern, minimal and tailorable to your look handmade piece. 

  • 14k Rose Gold Filled, 14k Gold Filled, Sterling Silver
  • 1.5mm Cable Chain
  • necklace will come in 18” unless states otherwise 

Handmade takes time. Please allow 3-5 Business days for each piece to be created. For any 14k Solid Gold pieces, please allow 4-6 Business days

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We offer ring sizers in our shop, however if you need immediate ring sizing, you can follow our 5 easy steps below to measure your ring size at home

1. Cut a thin strip of paper or thread

2. Wrap the paper/thread around your finger

3. Mark the spot where the paper/thread meets

4. Measure the length with your ruler (making sure this is flat)

5. Provide us the mm that your ruler measures the thread

For necklaces sizing guide, you can follow the easy steps below

1. Take a piece of string

2. Carefully, wrap the string around your neck to similate neck size

3. Mark the string to where you would like your necklace to fit 

4. Measure the string on a ruler 

5. Provide us with the inches of the desired length for your necklace (Most necklaces range from 17-18, however each neck size is different)

For bracelets, you can use the same steps you would use to measure your neck, instead you be measuring your wrist. When in doubt, you can always add an extension, which allow some flexibility and comfort desired 

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