Material & Care Guide

Metalvine’s pieces are made for everyday and with a few care tips and your pieces will last forever 

Keep away From chemicals 

Store dry


What is gold filled jewelry?


It is a metal composed of a solid layer of gold that is bonded to a core base metal through heat and pressure.  Gold filled jewelry will not wear off over time, and if taken care of properly it can last a lifetime.

It’s Quality-

The gold on gold filled is around 15 times thicker than gold plated jewelry.


Is gold filled real gold?


It's an actual layer of gold-pressure bonded to another metal. Gold filled is not to be confused with gold plating as filled literally has 100% more Gold than gold plating. Gold filledis much more valuable and tarnish resistant. ... Gold filled jewelryis an economical alternative to solid gold.


Will it tarnish?

Gold Filled. ... Although a gold filled piece of jewelry is not sold gold, it has the same desirable properties and look of solid gold. It won't tarnishand willnot rub off or turn colors. Wearers who are sensitive to certain metals can wear gold filled without worries of an allergic reaction.


How long will it last?

This is a durable piece that will not tarnish or chip. It is also safe for those with metal allergies. Gold-filledis much more expensive than gold plated material and will last longer; however, it does have a life span of about 10 to 30 years, unlike pure gold pieces which will last forever


Does it turn finger green?

Gold-filled is absolutely your best option after solid gold for quality and durability. It will not flake off or turn your skin green and offers a great option for people with sensitive skin. ...